Welcome to Pikinini ☼

Let me start by introducing myself and my little business. I’m Amy,  A Wife and a Mother of two little girls located in Sunny South East Qld. We’re a outdoorsy family who are always on an adventure and we adore our wooden and natural products!

I have sourced the best of the best of brands/products that I love, use and have tested in our home by myself, husband and of course our beautiful children so I know you’ll love and adore our beautiful products just as much as we do! 

The word Pikinini means “Children” in my native tongue which is Pidgin, Papua New Guinea. A place close to my heart that my Mother was born and raised, I had grown up with Pidgin being one of our main languages in our household. Unfortunately my Mother passed away to Cancer in 2012 when I was 19 years old and recently my Father also lost his battle with Cancer in July 2020. The loss of my parents and having my own children is what has pushed me to start living and fulfilling my dreams now instead of later.. life is too short to not take the risk and grasp every opportunity!