Milestone Plaques

Spare Time Co

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Made with our hands and our hearts from our home in Western Australia using my very own artwork. 

These really are unique. My plaques are Australian Made from jarrah timbers and are made right here in Western Australia. I have created them using my own hand lettering and I am so excited to share them with you!

What I truly love about these is that every single plaque is unique. As no two trees are the same, each grain is different and the colour tones vary. This is what makes each piece special because it will be one of a kind, always.

Celebrate your pregnancy and newborn milestones with one plaque.

- One side displays "weeks" the other, "months". 
- Using a whiteboard marker to write which milestone you wish to celebrate on the white acrylic disc and wipe with a cloth.

When I designed this piece, I wanted something that would be used more than once, something that is versatile, affordable and of course, unique.